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04/01/2020 1:13:51 AM
230.00 USD 20:07:55
04/01/2020 1:12:49 AM
68.00 USD 20:06:53
04/01/2020 12:08:43 AM
0.00544600 BTC 19:02:47
03/31/2020 9:14:55 PM
32000.00000000 DOGE 16:08:59
03/31/2020 6:03:23 PM
0.16619600 LTC 12:57:27
03/31/2020 5:56:39 PM
3.83380400 LTC 12:50:43
03/31/2020 4:19:00 PM
175.00 USD 11:13:04
Time The transaction ID The amount Type
04/01/2020 1:14:37 AM
0.10000000 BTC Interest
04/01/2020 1:12:50 AM
0.01395240 BTC Interest
03/31/2020 11:08:43 PM
0.02641940 LTC Interest
03/31/2020 9:13:55 PM
0.00015000 BTC Interest
03/31/2020 6:00:23 PM
0.00061900 BTC Interest
03/31/2020 5:53:40 PM
0.49681100 LTC Interest
03/31/2020 4:19:00 PM
86.00 USD Interest
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About the company

The international financial market began to experience significant changes associated with the effect of increasing the price of a digital money. The skeptics that predicted the rapid disappearance of cryptocurrency with everyday, we have to admit they were wrong, as today almost everyone who has at its disposal a powerful the computer can produce digital money. In addition, they are timeless political regulation. Leading crypto-currencies of the world are increasing (but high) demand. Their price in relation to the ″real″ money increases, and is reasoned a certainty that this is not the limit — in the future of cryptocurrency will certainly occupy a leading place in the field Internet transactions.

Company BitRocket Ltd. was able to predict the growth rates of e-money at the initial stage, when their cost is 10 times inferior to the current one. For by ensuring high liquidity of financial transactions we have managed build a unique strategy to diversify risks in trade with several cryptocurrencies.

A steady stream of income we provide through a judicious allocation of Finance for several areas, that made possible the formation of a reserve Fund, which plays the role of source of payments to investors in case of force majeure or bankruptcy (which, incidentally, is not feasible).

The company BitRocket Ltd has a Department of analysts who deals daily study of the current situation on the market of cryptocurrencies the basis of what generates its own forecasts of price movements. In his foremost, our traders conduct operations at the major exchanges, based on the analytical reports of the Department. Expert views allow you to quickly and react on the recent changes which helps to extract the maximum profit from each transaction. Expect success trading on the stock exchanges of digital money. is not always appropriate. There are several reasons: lack of experience and the necessary theoretical framework, and own winning strategy.

The company, which employs several dozen specialists, has sufficient intellectual resources to achieve effective results.

We offer everyone indirectly to take an indirect part in the cryptocurrency trading in the framework of our investment programme. Capital gains and expanding the boundaries of activities, increase of volumes and improvement of result of financial transactions are the purposes for which we require foreign investments. Each investor we guarantee timely payments and professional support from our consultants.

Company documents

The company BitRocket Ltd registered in the UK as a Limited Liability company

Director MORRELL, Jonathan
Nationality: British
Appointed: 3 Feb 2020
Date of birth: December 1985
Address for correspondence: 26 Parkland Grove, Ashford, England, TW15 2JW
Country: United Kingdom
Profession: Business Analyst

Registration number: 12403168
Registration date: 3 Feb 2020


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